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008 || tea time || further info for winners

I tried my best to give everyone what they wanted... hopefully you'll all be pleased :3

odoru - you get the Shinku pin~!!
onee_omi - you have the Souseiseki pin~!!
raynala - you get the Suiseiseki pin~!!

I still have Suigintou left, so if any of you above would like to trade for her, just let me know ^^;;

xxmay, kiseki_emotion, aykina, and sai_rin:

I've got cards for all of you picked out, unfortunately I only have a few cards of certain characters (and none for Bara, Kira, or Kana), so please forgive me for any weird selections you might get o_o

xxxholicxxx, I'm still waiting for a reply from you, but I'm sure I'll get some cards picked for you as well :)

NOW!! On to the important part!!

All you winners, I'd like for you to reply to this screened post with your mailing address so I can send these out.

I PROMISE that I'm not a stalker and I'm not going to send strange stuff to your house XD If you're still suspicious, I have a couple feedbacks from buyers on eBay from various occasions... those can be found HERE.

Also, if you'd prefer, you can email your info to:
hotfrogdog @ hotmail . com

Either way, please comment so that I know you all have seen this :D

NEW CHALLENGE GOES UP ON FRIDAY!! I hope you'll all find time to submit an icon this week as well!!
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