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rozen_awards's Journal

a Rozen Maiden icontest
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rozen_awards welcomes you to an Alice Game of our own. Icon makers at all levels of experience are encouraged to participate. Even if you don't make icons, you can still watch for your favorites. However, please note that only
members can actually submit or vote.

Each week, members will be given a theme. Members will have a week to submit the theme related icon. Icons will then be posted for voting. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners, and Moderator's Choice will be announced on the Thursday after voting has commenced (providing there are enough votes). Winners will receive banners if they so desire. Also, note that the submission post will have its comments unscreened once the winners are announced.

1. Shonen ai/BL and shoujo ai are permitted however, yaoi, yuri, and hentai are not. Please do not use them being as your icon will be disqualified.
2. Submitted icons must be compatible with Live Journal. [100x100 and 40 kb or less and only .jpg, .png, or .gif formats]
3. Fanart is okay, unless the artist has expressly asked for their art to not be posted elsewhere. Please use your own discretion when selecting images and make sure to credit whenever possible.
4. Submitted icons can be no more than 7 days old. They must be made new for the contest.
5. Never take an icon from the icontest without first asking the creator for permission. You can see who submitted each icon once winners are announced, so there are no excuses for not asking for permission!!
6. Follow the rules in each individual challenge. Ask questions if something is unclear.
7. Do not post your icon anywhere or disclose your ownership of it until the voting has ended. If you do this and I catch you, that means instant disqualification, no questions asked.

Please submit your icon in the following way:

Credit: whatever credits you might have (optional)

[x] Icons are due every Wednesday at 10AM CDT.
[x] Your new theme will be put up Friday evening before midnight or soon there after.
[x] You are allowed to submit TWO (2) icons each week unless other wise stated.

[x] Voting begins Wednesday before 8 PM CDT unless there is an entry extension.
[x] Voting ends Friday at 10 AM CDT and winners should be announced soon there after.
[x] Vote for three icons in order of placement.
[x] Do NOT vote for your own icon.
[x] Do NOT vote for the same icon twice.
[x] Do NOT throw the vote by asking people to vote for you. If you do this, you could be disqualified or even banned from the community.

Questions concerning rules/theme interpretation/and other suches can be directed towards your friendly neighborhood mod:

Email: evilnekohilda at livejournal dot com

Please do not harass me (the mod). Just leave a comment or an email and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Don't bother the banner makers either. They make your banners and and can therefore make your iconing experience rather unpleasant. That being said, banner makers are:
[x] evilnekohilda

Interested in applying for banner maker? Just visit and comment on THIS post :)

In (sort of) order of affiliation...

anime_bgrounds bleachorus
champloo_award ouranhostawards

If you would like to affiliate with rozen_awards, just comment or email me at the address listed in the Contact section. Thank you.

Week Theme Winning Post
001 Hush Winners
002 Sleep/Dreams Winners
003 Shinku Winners
004 Kinjirareta Asobi Winners
005 Attack Winners