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008 || tea time || winners

Votes were close!! And every iconist received at least 1 vote!!

First Place:

by odoru (11 points)

odoru technically won second place as well for THIS ICON, but since they already got first, I moved all the other votes up instead :D

Second Place:

by onee_omi (6 points)

Third Place:

by raynala (5 points)

Special Category - Best Coloring:

by xxxholicxxx

Special Category - Best Composition:

by sai_rin

Mod's Choice:

by xxmay


by kiseki_emotion

Best Newcomer:

by aykina

I'm going to try and get the prize info together ASAP. For now, winners (all 8 of you x_X) go ahead and post w/ your favorite characters. The ones who placed first, second, and third please select from Shinku, Suigintou, Suiseiseki, and Souseiseki first, but then list a couple other characters you like. Other winners, I've got a set of Rozen Maiden trading cards that I'll pull some from based on your favorite characters.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience and continued participation!!
Tags: tea time, week 008, winners
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mods choice? i feel so proud @u@!!
I also saved my banner from week 6, sorry I didn't say anything before, eh?

also, the characters: suisgintou, souseiseki and kanaria. maybe suiseiseki, too.
*suigintou, sorry. ^^;
Oh my, yay thank you everyone~! ^_^ <33. Tea for all~

Favorite Characters (in order):
Shinku & Suiseiseki(Desu!) <- Both equal

I love everyone but those are my top favorite. :D
Favorite Characters:
Hina Ichigo

I'm so happy! Thank you!
O.O I got something?! I really didn't expect that after the flop of an icon I made... yay for everybody!

Top 3:
Hinaichigo and Suigintou -tied-

So... it's not really 3.
Hey, I adored that icon, for one!! I was going to ask if I could use it, actually XD

Anyways, good job :D
Yay, usage!

Thank you to line 1 and thank you to line 2!
I didn't think I'd win anything. Especially with that icon. XDDD


Okay, let's see, my favourite characters are: Souseiseki, Shinku and Suigintou.
*Gasp*. Mod's Choice... *Dies* Thank you so much!!!! ><

Um, favourite characters...:

Holy crud! I got first and "second"~ Didn't expect that. Seriously. Well, thank you everyone! ♥

Favorite Characters:
Shinku (
Suiseiseki and Souseiseki (I don't like them separate in some weird way)

Other Fav Characters:
Kirakishou (♥ Cutee but deadly. har har.)

Btw, congrats to the other winners! :D

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